Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 10 PROJECTS.

I am starting 2015 with the following 10 projects.

There are 6 new starts and 4 carry over 2014 wips.

1. Mirabilia - 2012 Garland Cherub.

     I am doing this on unknown colour Aida using DMC.
   Stitch count is 96 * 112.
I am doing this as a SAL with a facebook group.

  2.    HAED QS Hearth Of Gold. 

Artist is Kevin Daniel.
                                                Stitch count is 100W by 147H.                                                       
I am doing this on 18ct Magic Guide using DMC.
This is a freebie sal on the HAED Yuku Forum.
I am also doing this as a SAL on a facebook group.

3.  Save The Stitches - Blackwork.

                There are 131+ blackwork patterns in this project. It is called Blackwork Journey by Liz Almond.
Stitch Count is 14.29W by 29.29H.
I am also doing this as a SAL on a facebook group.


   This is  a continuation of 2014. I couldnt stitch the 2014 one. Maybe next year...who knows?? 
I cut around 2 meters of fabric for this. Its a huge one. I have yet to choose my floss for this.
 Here is the Link :-  2015 Randje Per Week


Angie creates some beautiful designs. I have joined both of them this year. I havent decided on the fabric, but I know I will be using Anchor floss. I will be stitching on this with another friend.
Stitch count is 275 x 313.


Another Angie's creations. 
Stitch count is 299 x 299. 
Not sure about the fabric and floss.
Part 1 for both will be sent on 10th.  Its election weekend here so will have loads of stitchy time.


             Carol holds some great SALS. I love stitching her designs. I couldnt finish this on time. This will be a present for my mum's patchwork teacher.Hope she likes it as much as I loved stitching on it.

8. EMS JULY Larkspur

An incomplete wip from 2014. It is stitched on some unknown colour Aida. Beautiful flowers by EMS

9. EMS AUGUST Gladiolus

EMS design again. Stitched on some unknwown blue Aida.


EMS design. It is stitched on 14ct Charles Craft Oatmeal Aida. I really love the fabric colour.

These are my starting 10 2015 projects.

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  1. Great selection of projects to work on during 2015. I cannot wait to see the EMS designs stitched. The colors are fabulous. Happy Stitching!