Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Check In for 2015 Flower of the Month SAL.

Sorry I am so late posting my check in for the Flower SAL.

Actually I am pretty late posting check ins for all. I have been very sick and still am feeling not too good.

I had decided to do these flowers last year for an FB group and finish them ,but some things came up which made stitching very hard.

I had already finished 3 before I started last year. Then last year I finished another four. This year with this SAL I hope to finish the whole series.

I finished January Carnation the year the gorgeous flowers came out.
Here is what they say about Carnations

Carnations have been traditionally associated with fascination, which is but fitting for the start and freshness of the new year. Its botanical name is Dianthus, which means divine flower. Carnation was the flesh-pink color that Elizabethan portrait painters used as background wash. The red carnation was said to mean "alas for my poor heart", while a striped carnation would mean refusal. If one would give a yellow carnation, it would mean disdain, while a pink one depicts a woman's love.

So I decided to stitch more on my July Larkspur.


  1. Hi Fatema
    Better late then never we say here in holland :)
    I just took a peeck at your blog
    You have some great projects on your list
    I all so finished the first sal flower and hops to finish them all.
    Nice that you wrote a little story about the caranation one
    Will follow your blog
    Wish you many happy stitching hours snd hope that you are soon completely better :)