Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 4 2015 WIPocalypse.

Well can you believe one month has passed in 2015. January is finished and we are in February. It feels like yesterday only we were still celebrating new year.

Another WIPcolaypse is here when the full moon comes. Here in Sri Lanka full moon means holiday. Every full moon has a name and a reason for it.

February full moon is called Navam Full Moon Poya Day.
This full moon celebrates the appointment of Buddha's two chief disciples and the first-ever Buddhist Council held after the passing away of Lord Buddha.

February 4 is also our 67th Independence Day.

Stitching wise I think I did okay after the last check in.
Here are the projects I worked on and made progress. I even had a finish.

First for my finish :-

I made this specially keeping  in mind my mum's patchwork teacher. When my mum gave it to her she loved it. She is a Catholic.

Here are my projects which I tried to make progress on.

 HAED SK Trick or Treat..I finished a row on this.

EMS July Larkspur

Mirabilia 2012 Garland Cherub

HAED QS Hearth of Gold

I also had a new start
Angie's Fleurs Du Ciel

I also did some patchwork. There is nothing to show in it as I am just cutting loads of blocks.

This month's topic was 

How do you overcome that feeling that you're in a rut with a particular project?

I think I already answered this question above with my two old wips HAED SK Trick or Treat and EMS July Larkspur.

Normally when I get bored or just when I feel a project is not working for me I quit working on it and keep it aside. I probably start a new project. Sometime later probably a hint or a nudge or a sal makes me start it again. I have removed many projects out and hope to work on them and try to finish them this year.

Well thats all for this month. I have a few deadlines I have to finish soon.

Have a beautiful month  everybody.

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  1. You have beautiful projects. Nice progress. I love stopping by to see what you are working on.