Sunday, June 21, 2015

May 2015 WIPocalypse.

Late again with the May WIPocalypse update. Have been sick and the weather is not helping things. Its too warm here to stitch.

Lets see what I managed to do.

I finished EMS August Gladiolus.

I had more progress on my EMS September Aster,but couldnt finish it.

I finished the EMS October Calendula though.

I started an Ink Circles freebie from 2007 April for  a SAL.

I finished EMS November Chrysanthemums also.

Finally I started work on my exhibition work. I started it on the local new year day 14th April. My theme is Japan. My main picture is Geisha by Joan Elliot from a UK magazine.

Here is the start.

EMS December Poinsettia also got finished.

I started this small quickie Hearts by Gloria and Pat for a sal. I thought I would be over in less than an hour. Who knew it would take me a month to finish it!!

This is the Randje introduction.

I started this Blue Rose for the Mother's SAL.My mum loves the colour blue.

I also have started a new kind of embroidery called Totsuka. It is Japanese. Here is what it looks like. These are just the stitches.

More progress on HAED QS Hearth of Gold.

More progress on Heart Note Alley.

I started this Dimensions kit Geisha Beauty for a SAL.

This is the start of a SAL called BAP SAL.

I truly am taking part in too many SALS. Suddenly I find myself with less finishes and more new projects..sigh.

The question this time was :-

I would like to know if you look for LNS’s when you travel. What is the favorite shop you’ve ever found?

Yes I definitely do.  I have travelled a lot, but I found my favourite LNS are in Singapore. There are so many LNS there and the ladies are so wonderful. They have a lot of everything. You name it, they have it. 

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